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A film by Sanjay Rawal [82 minute, 52 minute, and 30 minute versions]

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“Food Chains is the kind of film I've been waiting to teach from - it helps students think not only about what's wrong with the food system, but how organizing for social change can help fix it. I know that students will come away moved, curious for more, and hungry for change - whose classroom could ask for more?”—Raj Patel, Research Professor, Lyndon B Johnson, School of Public Affairs, UT Austin, Author of "Stuffed and Starved"

“No documentary on the modern food system does a better job of putting farmworkers' struggles for social justice into the broad context of 21st-century capitalism. Food Chains explores the darkest corners of America's agricultural landscape, showing how an inspiring coalition of workers, farmers, and consumers are bending corporate might to fight for dignity in American farm fields. This is exactly the sort of provocative, well-researched film I've been wanting to use in my Food and Power course for years.”—Shane Hamilton, Associate Professor, History Department, University of Georgia